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Here at Cassidy Woodcraft & Design, we create handcrafted, bespoke quality pieces at the highest degree of customization. Built on the foundations of high-end Millwork and Cabinetmaking, we provide all manner of custom woodworking pieces. Physical works include but are not limited to:

With a natural and well fed enthusiasm to stretch the boundaries of possibility, we pride ourselves on extremely thorough communications and processes being tailored to fit any client’s needs. Designs are fully customized and one-off productions remain our speciality. We welcome the chance to collaborate with designers and architects, as well as builders and homeowners alike. Our aim is to always provide the highest quality product within the allotted boundaries and preferences set by the client. We use all natural products wherever possible and push for reclaimed or responsibly forested timbers for use in construction. Our clients are able to customize their piece through the full selection of material, shape, colour, tone, finish and detailing elements. 


Contact us for any of your custom Woodworking needs. We welcome the opportunity to help create your dreams, whatever shape they may take. 

Kitchens & Vanities


Wine Cellars 

Desks, Coffee Tables, Chess Boards etc.

Live Edge Resin Art 

Custom Doors & Interior Wainscoting 

Exterior Gates or Installations



Owner + Operator, Designer

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I am a red-seal certified cabinetmaker trained in high end residential millwork with 10 years experience. My passion and drive are fuelled by a profound love of shape, pattern, texture and colour. Boundaries of possibility are explored on the regular and I pride myself on never having disappointed a client.


CEO (Cuddling Everyone Okay)

  • @cassidy.woodcraft
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'Melo is a super mutt adventure/shop dog with all the cuddles on tap. His can-do attitude can do things un-do-able at previous incursions. Such wonder, great pupper. 11/10 will try to snuggle you when we do business. 

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